It’s Monday, and that means its time for another Irish jockey to take the Turf Talk challenge with our columnist @roryfitz15

In the hot seat this week to reveal all about his weighing room colleagues is Galway plate winning jockey Shane Shortall

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Q: Most naturally gifted?

A: I’d have to say Jack Kennedy, for such a young age what he has already achieved is amazing and is very cool on the big day

Q: Most stylish?

A: Mark Walsh for me. He’s a tall lad like myself but is very tidy in a finish

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Q: Perfectionist?

A: Paul Townend always has a laugh but when it comes down to business he knows the form inside out and always makes sure he knows what the rest of us are getting up to in a race

Q: Most intelligent?

A: Ruby Walsh. He has a depth of knowledge when it comes to racing

Q: Most underrated?

A: Phillip Enright. He’s a great man to get horses relaxed and jumping, and very strong in a finish

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Q: Comedian?

A: Roger Loughran will without doubt always come out with a brilliant one liner at the races that gets everyone laughing

Q: Cheapest?

A: Donagh Meyler has been known to forget the wallet for the food on the way home from racing on a few occasions

Q: Worst dress sense?

A: Hands down J.J Slevin. If it’s cheap and half fits it’s good enough for J.J. I think his maroon Ballydoyle jumper has got wear well beyond its years

Q: Worst taste in music?

A: Ryan Treacy can often be heard with the teeny bopper tunes on full blast in the car. Painful listening

Q: Biggest moaner?

A: Bryan Cooper is usually always moaning about something in the weighing room

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Q: Worst singer?

A: To be fair you wouldn’t hear many lads singing that are very bad but there’s no X factor candidate either so I won’t single anyone out on that one

Q: Worst dancer?

A: I once seen Eamonn Corbett do a jig when he was on crutches, it was a sight to behold. He didn’t improve at all when he lost the crutches either

And finally….

Q: Future star?

A: Young Evan Daly who works in Joseph’s (O’Brien), he is a ears open mouth shut sort of lad and has made a great start to the jumping and will no doubt be well sought after when he gets a little more experience