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Phoenix Syndication provides the opportunity for you to enjoy racehorse ownership at the highest level, at an affordable price that won’t break the bank.

Being part of a well-managed, professional racing syndicate brings many of the rewards of sole ownership without the risk, responsibility and financial outlay of going it alone

Our syndicate has a simple aim of providing you with the opportunity to experience the thrill of thoroughbred racing ownership & syndicates at an affordable price and without the administrative hassle that is inevitably involved in buying, registering and training top quality racehorses.

“We pride ourselves on our integrity and excellent owner communication and total transparency when it comes to the syndication”

Image result for keith clarke trainerWith Phoenix Syndication, racehorse ownership has never been easier, imagine being able to say, ‘I own a racehorse’. All our racing syndicates are offered on a fixed cost basis allowing you to budget for your commitment with trainer Keith Clarke 

As a syndicate member you can enjoy the full benefits of thoroughbred race horse ownership with the colossal fee’s

The Benefits with Phoenix Syndication

·         To provide you with a cost-effective opportunity to own a race horse at the highest level

·         To offer syndicate member an excellent level of service so they enjoy the whole experience of racehorse partnership

·         To ensure every race horse reaches its full potential, whilst maintaining the highest standards of horse welfare

·         To provide ethical racehorse ownership

·         To make every owner feel they are the sole-owner of the racehorse

·         Tickets to attend different meeting

·         Regular stable tours

Try before, you buy. We have ten spaces available to try being a member of our syndicate, for Free on a 30-day trial basis, that’s how confident we are that you will want to join up with us

For an opportunity to join one of our small, friendly professionally run horse racing racehorse syndicates please contact Ivan further information on 0879969443 or email