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Horse racing is second only to football as the most watched sport in the Ireland. Nearly 300,000 visitors come to our website each year alone, so let us showcase your business or brand.

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We are the number one website dedicated to horse racing. We have a team of reporters present at every race meeting in Ireland, as well as the big British festivals reporting back to the website with up to the minute news and analysis. Our complete website is free to use.

We are constantly innovating and broadening the appeal of our website. The introduction our daily exclusive blogs are proving to be a ‘must read‘ for racing followers attracting 4,000 readers on a daily basis.

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Our mailing list service has over 19,000 registered users and we send out in excess of 100,000 emails each month. The mailing list is released every Monday, Wednesday and Saturday.

With massive numbers of racing enthusiasts and professionals accessing our website each month there is no better place to advertise your goods and services for a very minimal fee.

Our monthly Free magazine is committed to providing unsurpassed levels of professional information, whilst our digital platforms deliver unparalleled information direct to a targeted and expanding group of users. This has generated a readership that is active, responsive and keen to indulge its passion for horse racing and sport.

We also have a large social media following on @3furlongsout, that we can promote your company daily, assuring to get more traffic to your website, ultimately meaning more money in your till, or we will return your fee.

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