Image result for FOOTBALLPITCH FIVE was founded from the love of the beautiful game, a group of friends got together and created a weekly tournament to see who could predict the results on each of the weekend’s matches.

Plenty of banter, everyone’s an expert, unbelievable results and last-minute goals breaking hearts.

They thought, why not share this game with others? So, Pitchfive was born. Please play and have fun.


  1. Minimum £1,000 in the Prediction Prize Pool
  2. The More that play, the more they pay –
  3. Top 3 Tournament Prizes
  4. Prize for Phase 1 Winner
  5. Enter all phase 148 match outcomes by 4pm 14th June
  6. £10 per entry – maximum 3 – predict all 64 matches
  7. Predict 3 times and you receive £15 play for season 2018 – 19 (£5 x 3)
  8. Just by playing you will be entered in our draw for 2018-19 FREEPLAYS

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The World Cup Prediction Game is READY to PLAY –  Click here