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“Your only ever one fall away from being a terrible jockey”. That appears to be the warped mindset of a small majority of arm-chair pundits, otherwise known as “trolls”. writes @Dgconnolly1

This nonsense talk around that jockeys fall off their mounts to escape winning is nothing short of ridiculous to even contemplate doing that would be meaningless. Falling from a thoroughbred at any sort of speeds is dangerous, even a light fall could result in maximum life-changing circumstances. Contrary to believe jockeys aren’t machines, amidst their harden personas they are average folk out earning a few quid. Not your average job but it’s the profession they dedicate their life too and they are conscious of the dangers that surround them daily.

Jockeys don’t warrant to be abused by the anyone. The immense pressure of being a jockey is hard enough without the additional pressure of being interrogated every time their mount falls or isn’t able to follow through with a challenge. The uncalled for judgment is irrational, most times the clowns making the false accusations are even educated enough to look into the rational reasonings for defeat.

After Ruby Walsh fell from Footpad at Naas the witch hunt was almost automatically congregated seeking answers why the horse didn’t win. It was clear from a long distance from home that Footpad was deficient of his customary exuberance, there is nothing Walsh could have done otherwise to correct his poor performance. Simply as, Footpad was beaten fair and square.

Seasonal returns are always considered as a pipe-opener for the season ahead however I feel the bubble may have burst with Footpad, he looked a shell of his former self, perhaps he will come on for that run if none the worst for fall however being considered a “superstar” is pushing the boundaries a bit too far. The blame of the defeat is nothing to do with Ruby Walsh.

The abusive messages directed at Walsh through social media practically made the platform go into meltdown. Walsh was not accountability, if you ponder he had a part to play you’d be better looking for a new pastime. Walsh stalked the pace-setter Saint Calvados however that runner gained a few lengths each time Footpad made a blunder. If the two rivals were to meet next month I’m not sure the result would be any different. If none-the-worse for that fall footpad should be able to gather up his reputation from the ground and attempt to get back to winning ways but at this stage the prior plans could be put on hold.

Martin Luther once quoted “We must accept finite disappointment, but never lose infinite hope”. Footpad lost the race on Saturday and that can’t be changed, blaming Walsh isn’t going to change the result.

Let’s hope Footpad can return to his former glory, it’s too early to write him off completely.