Horse Racing Ireland has made it crystal-clear extra supplementary fixtures at Dundalk stadium are not likely this year in spite of the problematic situation that has built up for owners and trainers of lower-tier horses getting a run at the popular Co. Louth track.

There has been a colossal balloting problem in the low-grade handicaps at Dundalk and HRI responded this week by the adding an extra fixture at the track next Wednesday (Not really helping in the long-term) , and the director of racing Jason Morris has firmly asserted the likelihood of further meetings being added to the all-weather programme this campaign is unlikely.

The pressure is now on with the smaller trainers to keep their cherished owners contented; how can you justify having a horse in training and having no race appropriate for theie horse in the imminent future? Look at the balloting system each-week it is mind-blowing; for instance, this week coming there was 129 Entries for 45-65 over seven furlongs on Friday and the next 45-65 for horses under that bracket is October 30th. The likelihood of even getting a run on 30th October is questionable for most.

Horse Racing Ireland must add a second meeting weekly at Dundalk Stadium or the majority of owners and trainers in Ireland are going to be in deep trouble; their modest business models aren’t feasible anymore.

How can trainers expect to attract new owners to their humble yards with the state of the low-grade racing calendar? If you don’t have a horse proficient enough of competing in listed company or higher, you may as well give up before you start. It’s not nerve-wrecking about how your how your horse is going to run; thats not the problem anymore, it’s when precisely are you going to see it run. Excuses to owners are running thin.

Horse racing Ireland have invested heavily in promoting syndicates and racing clubs to everyone, but they haven’t looked at the component there isn’t races suitable for these modest horses most clubs have gone for. The game is gone for the ordinary folk in Irish racing unless more fixtures are added to Dundalk Stadium. It appears Horse racing Ireland have all the gear nevertheless they don’t seem to have any idea.